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Welcome to our Student Help Center!

In this section you will find some of the most frequent asked questions. We will be launching periodic surveys to feed this support page. If you have any question you think should be included, please let us know. We will be happy to review  them.

How do I register on the Student Portal?


In order to register in the Student Portal, you should have completed your Admission process with the corresponding school departments. If you have completed this phase, please follow these instructions:

1- On any web browser, go to

2- Go to Main Menu > Portals > Student Portal.

3- Once in the Student Portal, click Request New User Id.

4- You will be asked for your Social Security Number, Email Address, and Date of Birth. If you do not have a social security number in the United States, please   contact us, so that we can provide you a temporary number, for verification   purposes.

5- Next, you are asked to create a username, a password, and some security questions; just in case you need to reset your password later.



How do I login to my Student Portal Account?


1- First make sure you registered before. Click here to see registration guide.

2- On any web browser, go to

3- Go to Main Menu > Portals > Student Portal.

4- Enter your Username and Password, then click Log In.



How do I reset my Student Portal password?


1- On the Student Portal screen, enter your User Id. Then click the Forgot Password button.

2- Next, you will be asked one of the Security Questions you configured, when creating your account. Enter your answer and click Request Password.

3- If you answered correctly you will receive an email to the address registered on your student account (e-mail).

4- Follow the steps on the email received, in order to complete the password reset operation.



If I have issues with my Virtual Classroom, who can I contact?


The first person you must contact is your professor. He/she needs to be aware of any issues you might have entering your class, or any part of it.

How can I register for classes?


 You can come to our Registration Department, to register for upcoming semesters.

 We have also developed a Course Registration System, which you can use to perform this task as well. You can find this tool in our website, under the Portals link.



How do I register myself on the Course Registration System?


1- Go to > Portals > CRS.

2- Click on the Sign up button.

3- Next, fill in all the information in the first block. (Full Name, Student Email     Address, Student ID, Program of Study, Program Language).

4- Please notice we verify this information, so make sure you enter the correct   information in this section. Student ID Must match your student id in the Student   Portal.

5- Student Email must match your registered email. If you don’t   have one, please contact us on our Technical Support Chat Channel.

6- After you have completed this part, Create your username and password. We   strongly recommend you use the same as you Student Portal login information, to   avoid any issues with login in later. However, this is not mandatory.

7- When you finish, click the Sign Up button.

8- Use your created username and password to Sign in at any time.



How to I recover my password?


1- On the CRS Login window, click Forgot Password.

2- Enter your username and email ( registered email).

3- Click Reset Password.

4- If the information entered is correct, you will receive an email to the address entered, with a password reset link.

5- Follow the instructions in the email in order to create a new password.



How do I register for classes using the CRS?


1- Login into our CRS platform.

2- If the registration period is open, you will see a yellow button in the Top Bar on your screen. Click on it to continue.

3- Select the Year you want to register for, the semester, and the location-daytime you want to do your class on.

Please notice our classes require a minimum of 5 students. Changes might occur if this condition does not apply.

4- Click Lookup Courses.

5- If there is an offer for the selected period, you will be the offer courses codes under the Academic Offer section on this page.

6- Pick the ones you would like to take, then click Submit button, to process the registration.

7- This information will later popup on your Previous Registration Logs, in the main screen. If you wish to make any changes before the Drop date, please contact your Academic Advisor, or our Registration Department.

How can I get access into the Virtual library (LIRN)?


1- On any web browser, go to

2- Go to Main Menu > Portals > Student Portal.

3- Enter your Username and Password, then click Log In.

4- Go to Menu > Connect to Online Library.

5- Enter the Virtual Library Access Code (Ask your professor for the access code).

6- Click on SUBMIT button.

How can I pay my Tuition?


 You can pay your Tuition directly with your lender. We have partnered with TFC Tuition Corporation, which provides our students flexible payments. You can access your Payments portal through our website, under the Portals link in the Main Menu.

Student Support channels

Please use these channels to resolve any issues you might have with our platforms.

Online Classroom Support chat.

Registration System Support (CRS) chat.

Library / Bookstore chat.

For any questions you might have, please call us to one of the following numbers:


Toll Free: +1 844 744 8723

Corporate Offices:  +1 305 964 8804