Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Program Description

The Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (B.S.) offers a core business curriculum infused with the application of ethics and corporate social responsibility principles in a technologically savvy environment. Graduates of this program acquire the skills necessary to solve interesting and challenging issues involving the creation and exchange of goods and services, the management and development of personnel, and the efficient and socially responsible use of resources. Our goal is to produce highly versatile, receptive and knowledgeable graduates who have mastered the fundamentals of business and have a steady command of the world’s dynamic economy.

Program Objectives

The B.S. in Business Administration program is designed to give you a solid foundation in business studies. It will ground you in the knowledge and practical intelligence you need to excel in your current position and to prepare for career advancement. The curriculum integrates cutting-edge business theory and practice with state-of-the-art instruction. You will gain the knowledge and skills to stay ahead in today’s technology-driven marketplace.

Online Model

Our online platform provides students with the latest tools for collaborative virtual learning environment. Each student has the opportunity to study and apply innovative solutions for the courses; collaboration between the faculty and other students; and online resources that help the student to develop the knowledge.

Our participants learn doing activities in the virtual classroom as well as simulations, group encounters, attending video conferences, among other very practical activities.

Degree Awarded

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants will be considered for admission if they satisfy the following:
  • Submit a high school diploma or a GED,
  • Submit a completed admissions application,
  • Submit a $100 nonrefundable application fee,
  • Submit an updated resume
  • Submit a personal statement that describes the applicant’s professional accomplishments and goals.
  • Copy of valid government issued ID
  • Online students must have access to the Internet
  • Students applying for the graduate program must also submit a copy of their official transcripts from their undergraduate. Have achieved a minimum undergraduate grade point average of at least 2.0 (4.0).

Technical Requeriments

Students must have access to the Internet, Webcam and Audio (Headset and Microphone).

Windows Suport

Intel Core2 Duo CPU 2.XX GHz o AMD. RAM 2 GB

javaScript y cookies activated

Activated X able and unlock for Microsoft internet Explorer

Java 6.0 or superior

Mac Suport

Intel CPU (512MB RAM or superior)

javaScript y cookies activated

Safari Plug-ins able

Java 6.0 or superior

Linux Suport

Kernet 2.6 or superior

X lib x11r6 or superior

C++ lib libstdc++ 6

Desktop:XFce 4.0 o posteior, KDE, Ximian, Gnome

Versión de GDK/GTK:2.0 or superior

Glib:2.0 or superior

Java 1.6 or superior

Moodle for WINDOWS


1GB space free

Internet Conection

Browser: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet

Explorer 8

Adobe Flash PLayer

Webcam and Microphone

Microsoft 365 for tablets and Android

Microsoft needs very few requeriments for using his office suite on Android phones: Android Kitkat 4.4c or higher and 1GB RAM or higher

Graduation Requeriments

The student must have at least 2.0 GPA and approve all the subjects to graduate.

Total Credits



Application: $100
Career Total Investment: $ 42.000
Credit Hours cost: $ 350