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Global education promotes the development of a new leader inside and outside of classroom. Professors have the challenge of increasing their technical knowledge with competences such as leadership, decision-making, team work, innovation, technology management and, communication.

Our Executive Program for Education Leadership combines strategic frameworks and fundamentals to give our participants hands-on learning tools which are a convergence of traditional and modern education theory and practice. Our program is designed for teachers, principals, school administrators and policymakers in state agen¬cies.

Our programs include a solid organizational network for international knowledge sharing creating a global platform for sharing lessons learned and relevant experiences. These activi¬ties are developed together with worldwide institutions with which our university has subscribed agreements and strategic alliances.

Program Objectives

  • Develop knowledge and abilities to expand leadership and management skills.
  • Develop skills in observing learning and teaching.
  • Learn best practices that build capacity of teachers and principals to promote students success.
  • Communicate effectively and build consensus around ideas, new projects, and policies, among other.
  • Join a world class network of peers working in different education areas.

Who should attend our Corporate and Business program?

  • Principals, teachers, school administrators, coordinators, policymakers, and education state agency managers.

Program Highlights and Course Structure

  1. Understanding Leadership
    Leadership is a practice that requires practice. This module is based on case study of high level leaders in the education sector and will allow participants to understand leadership styles, keys to success and to develop or consolidate their own leadership within an education career.
  2. Performance Evaluation
    Training and development education professionals ensure that they are trained and have continuous development. Also, rewards programs motivate teacher’s performance and motivation. This module is focused in presenting evaluation models that are applied to the education sector and its management.
  3. Efficient leadership and decision-making process
    This course focuses in the analysis of the leadership competences that promote a good decision-making process in different school levels.
  4. Organizational leadership
    Equip participants to successfully leads organizations through effective collaboration, motivating teams and developing strategies to influence people.
  5. Education leadership competences profile
    Understand how generic and technical competences integrate the educator profile and strategies to strength and align personal skills in order to be successful in your career.
  6. Final Project
    The final project asks participants to connect the knowledge and skills from the executive program to their current work. They will articulate a problem in leading learning in their system and develop a plan to address the problem selected.

Executive Program Key Benefits

The Executive Program for Education Leadership will help you:

  • Learn the latest tendencies of the major areas for Education Leadership development.
  • Identify relevant education management issues and apply practical lessons to you own situation and organization.
  • Get exposure to other executive’s vision, ideas and knowledge.

Online Model

Our Executive Programs use the case method as one of the most effective tools for teaching our participants. Case studies offer a collaborative process, with multiple levels of learning, driving participants to identify relevant issues and to apply practical business lessons to their own companies. Each case provides an opportunity to study and apply innovative solutions to real problems in the business environment.

Our participants learn doing activities in the virtual classroom as well as simulations, group encounters, attending video conferences, among other very practical activities.

Admission Requirements

Please submit your application at least four (4) weeks before the program start date. Admission is based on professional achievement and organizational responsibility.

To apply you may use our on line form. We will promptly acknowledge receipt of your submission via email. In the unlikely event that an email acknowledgment is not received, please contact the Admissions Committee by email:


The tutorships are offer between Monday and Friday starting 6:00 p.m. The participants will have 2 synchronous tutorships meetings weekly of 4 hours each one, the days are established by the on line tutor and published in the platform.

Egress Requirements

To approve all the Modules the student must have at least 2.0 (4.0).

Diploma that is granted

Diploma in Corporate Business Planning.



Total Academic hours: 176H


Application: $ 100
Career Total Investment: $ 3.520
Financial Semester plan Non interest: Enrollment: $ 1.408 + 4 Quotes Estimated cost: $ 528

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