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The main purpose of this program is to develop a new management model for all participants which takes as its axis the conversations as results generating, both within the team and the environment. The quality of conversations a leader has can determine a vast horizon of possibilities, not just for him or her, but also for the organization. Furthermore, self-conversations gain more relevance as moments for reflection and leadership.


During the development of this program, highly effective learning experiences will be shared with all participants, their teams, and other networks in which they operate. Our proposal is to focus on three dimensions of a person: language, body, and emotions.

This approach allows each participant to assess their own present and redraw the kind of professionals and leaders they want to be.




  • To develop Ontological coaching skills.
  • To incorporate competencies to managing changes developing a transformational leadership.
  • To develop effective conversations that facilitate excellent coordinating actions to achieve the expected results.
  • To build relationships based on trust and respect.
  • To train for better listening skills and how to become an assets for others while recognizing value on others, to construct trustworthy promises, negotiation skills, and the concept of impeccability.
  • To make team feedback and talent recognition as part of a culture for constant change and learning



  • 3 face-to-face workshops in which topics are developed in a theoretical and experiential way. 3 days each. 8 hours day.
  • 6 Laboratories: Learning community sessions in charge of a coach to facilitate the topics seen in the workshops in an experiential and practical way.
  • An e-learning platform where the participant receives reading materials and 8 tasks that facilitate a space for reflection and personal intervention in the personal and business system, monitored by the coach.
  • 4 individual coaching sessions.
  • Application of learning in a work team.



  • Presidents, directors and managers of organizations and companies seeking to integrate and manage high performance teams.
  • Professionals, leaders and people in general who wish to incorporate new learning experiences that affect the effectiveness of their actions and improve their quality of life.
  • All those who wish to start a path as coaches or facilitators of change agents.




  • Workshop 1 | 21 to 23 September, 2017.
  • Workshop 2 | November 30, 1 and 2 December, 2017.
  • Workshop 3 | 15 to 17 February 2018.





  • Assist to the three (3) Workshops.
  • Deliver the eight (8) tasks.
  • Assist at least four (4) of the six (6) learning laboratories.
  • Receive coaching at least four (4) times.