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URBE University is an educational institution organized under the laws of the Independent Education Commission of Florida, Annual License 5594. The main mission of the institution is to generate competent professionals, who can be responsible innovators, capable of transmitting relevant knowledge and interact successfully with others.

The programs and curricula at URBE University have been developed to meet the needs of students, but they are also receptive to the needs of the business and professional community. URBE University strives to graduate its students with the skills and aptitudes required in the modern global workforce. Classes are taught in English and Spanish at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level through the Business and Technology, Social and Behavioral Sciences and the Educational Schools. The School of Continuing Education and Professional Development allows students to obtain certification in Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting, Security and Information Assurance, International Business, and others.

Students who need to improve their English language acquisition can obtain their degree while taking English classes for academic purposes at the RBC English Language Institute.

URBE University Faculty has been selected according to its academic and corporate experience. The 80% of the faculty holds a doctoral degree, and the faculty is involved in continuing professional development. URBE University faculty members are experts in their fields, and they are able to provide personalized instruction to students to maximize his/her career potential.


We are an institution created with the goal to form competent professionals, individuals that are responsible, innovative, and able to transmit relevant knowledge and interact in changing times successfully. We utilize human capital that is qualified and able to use the latest technology to transfer knowledge to the students. We foster research and development to respond to the changes in economics, social, scientific, and environment on a local, national, and international level.


We aim to be a university that is known for the excellence of the alumni. We develop leaders with knowledge in investigation, development, leadership, as well as social responsibility.