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Oscar Enrique Belloso Medina. Medical Surgeon, PhD in Pedagogical Sciences of the University of Camagüey, Republic of Cuba, PhD in Education Sciences of the Bicentennial University of Aragua and Postdoctoral in Management for Higher Education, Doctor Honoris Causa in Philosophy Of the American University of Sciences in the United States, Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Zulia Venezuela, Doctor Honoris Causa of Logos International University (), USA Doctor Honoris Causa of University Tifariti of the Western Sahara. () Africa.

University professor, politician and parliamentarian, he is currently President of Rafael Belloso Chacin University, Rector Founder of the Private University Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacín (URBE), President of the Superior Council of URBE, President of the Superior Council of Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacín (CUNIBE), President of URBE Television and URBE 96.3 FM. President of Urbe Internacional since July 2007 in Panama, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and the Dominican Republic.

Born on November 6th, 1943, in the city of Maracaibo, is the fifth of the 7 children of the Rafael Belloso Chacín and Carmen Medina de Belloso marriage. Oscar Belloso is married and father of 7 children. His education was at the School of Nuestra Señora de Chiquinquirá.

He obtained his Medical Surgeon formation at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zulia in 1972, where at a very early stage gave his first steps as a Teacher in the legal Medicine and Professional Ethics in Medicine. There, he assumed what would be his greatest passion in his life: politics. In the Faculty of Medicine he occupied different representative positions such as the student body at the University (FCU). Also, he has the title of Doctor in Teaching at the University of Bicentenerio in Aragua and Doctor in Education at the University of Camagüey, in the Republic of Cuba.

In 1967, after teaching Biology in High School in Maracaibo, he founded the Universal Institute, under certain forms of quality and excellence gave the opportunities of the students in High Schools to study at the Institute. In the decades of the sixties, the time of the consolidation and development of the Universal Institute (re-baptized with the name of Rafael Belloso Chacín at his death in 1971), marked a time of the beginning in the teaching activities at the Maracaibo’s National Jail between the years 1977 and 1980. Together, with the teaching staff of the Universal Institute it assumed the challenge to re-educate those in jail in a free manner, thus obtaining for them the high school diploma, to reincorporate them to society.

Several promotions have demonstrated the successful experience, that in later time, by the negotiations of Oscar Belloso Medina, was assumed totally by the Minister of Education. In 1982, he founded the University Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacín (CUNIBE) and in 1989 the University Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacín.

In the education area, by which he has dedicated with great effort to guide the teachings towards a professional profile by the hand of a demanding technology and that of the businessmen, he has occupied prominent functions: General Secretary of the Venezuelan Association of Universities Deans (AVERU) and General Secretary of the International Association of Presidents/Deans in the Universities. He has been in multiples conferences, both National and International, and has published academic works and treaties.

In the Political area: he was principal member of the Regional Committee Copei in Zulia state from 1969 to 1994, occupying the majority of the secretaries of these Committees.

Further on, he was President of the Regional Committee of the Copei party in the State of Zulia, from 1984 to1994. Was member of the campaign of Lorenzo Fernández, Luis Herrera Campins and Coordinator of Rafael Caldera’s two candidacies for President in Venezuela, also for Oswaldo Álvarez Paz congressman for Zulia state in the years 1984-1989, 1989-1994, and 1994-1999. He was President for the sub-commission of the social prevention of the Arm forces (1984-1988). President of the Zulia Parliament (1989-1990).

Oscar Belloso Medina wrote articles for the following newspapers: Panorama, Diario Crítica, Diario La Columna and El Regional del Zulia. He was member of the Council of Copei in 1997, 1998 and Senator in 1999-2004 for the Zulia state, acting and complying with the responsibilities of several Permanent Committees in the Educational Department and Defense. He was, also, the President of the Committee of Economics in the Senate of Venezuela in 1999.

During his long path, Oscar Belloso Medina received numerous commendations and recognitions of great importance, in which some stand out:

  • Order “Monseñor Luis Guillermo Vílchez” in its own class, given to Dr. Oscar Belloso Medina, “social fighter and defender of the legitimate interests of zulianidad; visionary and entrepreneur of educational, cultural and communication activities, with a high sense of citizen responsibility; promoter and Rector of URBE, Cunibe, URBE Television and URBE 96.3 FM; emblematic institutions, pride of the Zulia”, conferred by the Municipality of San Francisco.
  • Recognition by the Legislation Assembly of the Zulia state as “The Most Outstanding Educator in Zulia state”.
  • Order of Merit on behalf of the Ministry of Work.
  • Recognition towards the Education given by the National Experimental University of the Central Plains “Rómulo Gallegos”.
  • Condecoration as “Illustrious Educator” of the American University of Sciences.
  • National Prize “Catatumbo de Oro”.
  • Recognition as “Colombia’s Friend” given by the General Consulate of Colombia.
  • Recognition of Regional Command (Core) number 3 as “Example of Work in Favor of Social Benefit”.
  • Recognition as “The Most Valuable Personality in the University in the year 1999” given by The Association of Deans in Venezuela (AVERU).
  • Personality of the Year 2000 “Cacique de Oro”.
  • Condecoration of Honour as the Most Valuable Dean in the University of Santa María.
  • Condecoration of Honour in the first Division of Infantry.
  • Prize “Business Management” by the Chamber of Construction of Zulia state.
  • Recognition on behalf of the Maracaibo Warden by his Academic contribution in of the formation of new Professionals.
  • Prize given by the Rotary Lake as the “Citizen of the Year 2001”.
  • Recognition by the Education Superior University as the “Defender of the Youth”, given by the Publicity Corporation in Tourism.
  • Recognition as “Exemplary Citizen” of the AFS Volunteers (Intercultural Programs Venezuela).
  • Condecoration by the Organizacion de Editores de Occidente, C.A. Division of Public Opinion and Marketing.
  • Naval School of Venezuela Award. Order 27th, of June in its third class.
  • “Illustrious Visitor”, delivered by the Rectorates of the Bicentennial University of Aragua..
  • Cross of the Armed Forces of Cooperation in its First Class.
  • Cross to Police Merit, First Class.
  • Order June 27 in First Class.
  • Gold Ampies Award.
  • Condecoration of Honor for the 60th Anniversary of ACIZ.
  • The Cross of the Police Force.
  • Order of Merit for outstanding Work in its First Class.
  • Recognition Educator – Businessman awarded by FUNDEI-Zulia.
  • Order: “Rómulo Gallegos” in its first class.
  • Order: “Andrés Bello” in its first class.
  • “Mara de Oro” prize.
  • Recognition Human Management awarded by the Zulian Network of Human Management.
  • City of Maracaibo Order in its first class.
  • Order of Merit by the National Guard of Venezuela.
  • “Famous Visitor” in the city of Barquisimeto, Palavecino municipality.
  • Order: “Rafael María Baralt” in its first class.
  • “Zulia button” given by The Government of the State of Zulia.
  • “The Golden Cross” in its third class, given by the Air Force of Venezuela.
  • Order; “Mario Briceno Perozo” in its only class, given by the Lawyers Confederation of Venezuela.
  • Order: “Relámpago del Catatumbo” in its first class.
  • Recognition to the “Personaje Iberoamericano del Año 2005” given by the Ibero-American Journalists’ Organization (OPI in its Spanish acronym).
  • Order: “Consequent Friendship” given by the Police Force in the Zulia state.
  • Commendation of the 30th Anniversary of the University of Camagüey in Cuba.
  • Order: “San Sebastián” in its first class.
  • Recognition by the Educational Development of the Federation of Businessmen in the Zulia state.
  • Order “Dr. Adolfo D’Empaire” of the Red Cross.
  • Honorable Distintion of the University of Soka in Japan.
  • Honorable Distintion of “FUNDEI” Zulia in 2008, Individual Personality Category.
  • Order of the Chamber of Commerce of Maracaibo in 2009, in the natural Persons class.
  • Honoris Causa Doctorate conferred by the University of Zulia 2009.
  • Badge of Merit of Honour by the University of Margarita (UNIMAR), in 2009.
  • A special Recognition as an Honorary Firefighter. August 2010.
  • The Bolivarian Government of the State of Zulia, recognizes Dr. Oscar Belloso Medina, Rector of URBE for obtaining HONORIFICATION at the Innovation and Socioeconomic and University Development Fair Hugo Chavez. 2013.
  • Lanzarotti Universal Prize of the Italy-Venezuelan Crevalh foundation in 2013.
  • The Ministry of Popular Power for Defense, Bolivarian Military Aviation, “General in Chief Rafael Urdaneta” Air Base. It grants Dr. Oscar Belloso Medina a Recognition for the faithful contribution and all the support provided and for the constructive benefit to the personnel of the Military Aviation Bolivariana of the Zulia State 2014.
  • Order of Honor in the Civil Merit in 2014, given by the Municipal Warden of Maracaibo.
  • Order of Maracaibo Lake in its first Class in 2015, given by the Government of the Zulia State.
  • The Rotary Catatumbo Dtto 4380, names Honorary Partner Dr. Oscar Belloso Medina, the highest honor of the organization as an exemplary citizen of our community. June 2016.
  • As a total surprise and on the occasion of the opening ceremony of ; Mayor Luigi Boria gave the President of the new Institution, Dr. Oscar Enrique Belloso Medina, the Keys to the City of Doral. August 2016.
  • The Cabildo del Doral delivered a Scroll with Honor Distinction reserved for Distinguished Visitors and eminent members of the community of Proclaiming URBE Day in the City of Doral, a fact that will remain to be celebrated in the Municipal calendar every 18 August 2016.
  • Venezuelan American Chamber of Commerce of the United States, welcomes the Venezuelan enterprise in the United States. 2016.
  • Another 57 decorations and awards for his career.