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A history of success and love of the educational labor is what Dr. Oscar Belloso Medina represents.  Over the years, Dr. Belloso has made his dreams of social relevance in the national and international fields come true. His managerial legacy has created universities recognized as new educational paradigms interlaced in his social function with a wide expansion profile in the international academic area.


For 25 years Dr. Belloso Medina directed successfully the Presidency of URBE. Nowadays he is the Founder and President of the Superior Council, and has led important projects oriented towards teaching, research and extension of this institution, as well as the creation of an important communication media in Zulia, Venezuela, like URBE 96.3 FM.


Some of the institutions created by Dr. Belloso are the following:

  • March,09th ColegioUniversitario Dr. Rafael BellosoChacín (CUNIBE).
  • October, 05th Universidad Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacín (URBE).
  • August,04th URBE 96.3 FM. Emisora de la Excelencia.
  • May, 06th URBE Television. The city channel.
  • August, 15th URBE Internacional. E-Learning America’s System.
  • August, 18th .


is the result of successful years of experience and the internationalization of an educational model based on quality standards. The Founder and President of , Dr. Oscar Belloso Medina has designed an innovative system according to the American quality standards of the education system.


, is a 100 % online concept, located in the Doral area, Florida, available for North America and other countries. The project began in June, 2015 and in July 20th, 2016, the Commission for Independent Education (CIE) of the Florida Department of Education, authorized the beginning of academic activities under the Operative License No. 5594.


has fulfilled all the requirements, development and expansion of our academic offers based on the community and long distance market needs. Besides, we focus in the labor needs of the area, with the distinctive condition that we recognize the multiculturalism; this is the reason for which all our courses are available in English and Spanish. Our main campus is located 2550 NW 100th   Ave.  Doral, Florida 33172. Registration process information is available on the Rafael Belloso Chacín University/ is located in the United States at 2550 NW 100 Ave Doral, Florida 33172. The space consists of 4,000 square feet.


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