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Officers of The University


The organizational structure of Rafael Belloso Chacin University is simple and flexible, allowing the university to expand to fit the diversification of the university programs and new demands based on growth. The university administrators consists of the following:


Dr. Oscar Enrique Belloso Medina, President.



The primary responsibilities of the President includes to oversee all University functions and all ultimate decision-making; give final approval on all faculty hiring and other major decision; network with pertinent industry personnel; promote the University within the community; modify the purpose and missions of the University as it grows and develops and as the needs of students and the market change over time; and perform other duties.


Yudih Parada, Campus Director

Campus Director


Our Campus Director, Ms. Yudih Parada, is a highly qualified professional with proven abilities to oversee, manage, implement, and monitor all the overall aspects of the university’s operations.

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