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We are a private educational institution organized under the laws of the State of Florida, created with the goal to form competent professionals, individuals that are responsible, innovative, and able to transmit relevant knowledge and interact in changing times successfully. Our programs and curricula have been developed to meet the needs of the students, but remain sensitive to the needs of the business and professional community, and strive to produce graduates with the skills and abilities required in today’s workforce.


Rafael Belloso Chacín University is located at 2550 NW 100 Ave Doral, Florida 33172. The space consists of 4,000 square feet. The University facility is equipped to accommodate the needs of the University’s faculty and staff. There is an area for reception, an office for admissions, an office for the President, an office for the Campus Director, and a conference room. The library will have computers and a conference room for 15 people. There is a multipurpose room with audiovisual equipment, and four classrooms.


Our methods to teach are based entirely on distance learning via online, but we also have physical facilities to support students in their learning process. The online resources are available to our learners and can be downloaded from our platform. We also have available access to digital tools for our students from which they can access virtual libraries for books and scientific publications from anywhere in the world.




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